Monday, March 31, 2014

Second Time is a Charm

I'm heading off to New York tomorrow! I'm going to be doing a set at Muchmore's in Brooklyn. I took the info bellow from the Facebook page:
WILD AT HEART is happening again!

Me Jane, you come to this wildly fun comedy show! There might even be a live snake at the show, but don't worry it'd be a chill snake.

Comedy by:
Maria Heinegg (Huffington Post, Bridgetown)
Jeffrey Joseph (The Tonight Show, Comedy Central)
Murderfist (Sketch Comedy for the Devil)
Shannon Coffey (UCB, Late Night, MTV)
Nick Vatterott (Late Night, Comedy Central, Conan)
Lisa Smolkin (Doored, Toronto)
Neil LaPierre (Sears, Doored, Toronto)
Matthew Thurber (Infomaniacs, 1-800-MICE, Ambergris)

Music by:
Ava Luna

Alan Shain

At Muchmore's - 2 Havemeyer St. BK, NY

Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9pm

Oh, and watch this video! No one else is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Shorter Set Hopefully Means Longer Laughs

Filmed back in November of 2013 at Doored 10. This was a really fun Doored where we were supposed to have shorter sets but I went a little over. I didn't have a script for this one, just a plan of what I was going to talk about. Often people ask me if I'm improvising when I'm on stage and the truth is that I wish I could deliver unscripted material with confidence but it's still something I really need to work on. Right now though, I'm more interested in improving my writing and my stage presence. It's something I'll try again at Doored but it might be a little while.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Even more Neil in HD

This video was taken way back in October at Doored 9. I just recently posted it on YouTube.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And Now, Skating To The Music Of Jurassic Park

The dentist said that I need another root canal (actually I already got this root canal done as I'm publishing this). She blamed my being attacked as the cause. The attack left me with a broken jaw, a hairline fracture down my cheek, and two hairline fractures around my left eye. It's funny because it actually feels like this happened a million years ago even though the people that were around are surprised to hear it's been five years. It happened in Halifax while I was going to NSCAD. Here's a bunch of pictures for you:

right before the attack

right after the attack

My sister flew all the way from Vancouver to look after me.

The Winter Olympics always makes me think of Tonya Harding. When I was attacked, I was told I was like Nancy Kerrigan (I also got <3 Kanye West <3). I was back to school something like 8 or 9 days after the attacked. I was refusing to let a brick to my face effect my semester and I had one hell of a solid semester both academically and in terms of artistic competence. The truth is though, I don't relate to Nancy Kerrigan. I respect her and believe she is a very strong person that should be admired. It's just that I think Tonya Harding's plight is more interesting. I don't think that Harding dealt with the controversy in a smart way but I "feel" her. Whenever I get stressed out I think of the pressure she must have been under at the 1994 Olympics.

You can't control how people react about you're attack. You can't stop people from making up narratives, can't stop people from seeing you in a certain light and you have to just accept that. What turns me off about Nancy Kerrigan is how hard she tried to separate herself from the Tonya Harding controversy and how she tried to deny they ever had a rivalry. They were the two greatest figure skaters in America at the time, one known for her grace and artistry and the other (wild card) known for shaking up the sport by bring a more athletic edge. It has taken me five years to accept how people talk about me being attacked. Sometimes I'm framed as a hero for not letting myself be a victim and that used to bother me but at this point, it makes me feel like a strong person.

I'm not suggesting that Tonya Harding is a good person or a bad person. I'm only saying that I empathize with her. Whenever I'm extremely stressed out, I think of her and everything she's been through and no matter what kind of pressure I'm under her story makes me feel like things aren't that bad for me. She's not a hero and she's not a victim and that makes for a much better story. She might be a little bit of a villain, but that's not my place to decide. My place is to sit back and take in the brilliant story of how complicated dreams are.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Go Time

I'm going to be working the next 7 days in a row and I will also be performing a new set in front of my co-workers at a mocktail gala after one of those shifts. Then, after my shift on the 7th day, I'll be hopping on an overnight bus to perform in Brooklyn at this show:

Then it's back to work.
wish me luck! Going to be a crazy couple of weeks. Great to be performing so much.
I also want to go check out the new Go Gold line at H&M. I heard about the pants that say "GO GO GO GO" along the side.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Take Care: Doored 12

Well it's 2014, I've been out as a gay man to my parents for 14 years and out as a performance artist to my parents for 5 years. It was time to do something about dating another man that isn't wrapped in complicated Benjamin allegory. I hope you like the video.

I was dumped by a man who I was really excited to be dating. He dumped me over text, which I'd say unless it was after just one date, it's a terrible thing to do. In this case particularly because I should have had the chance to at least talk to him about his reasons. He cited my Twitter account as a reason he thinks we are incompatible. I went on Twitter and said a few overly enthusiastic things about him including "*giggle* Mom's friend's daughter said fifth date= boyfriend *giggle*"

Looking at the tweet, I still can't read it as anything serious, but he was on my mind a lot and I was on Twitter a lot. He doesn't have Twitter. I just assumed he wouldn't be checking up on me there. That's the problem. I can't assume anything. I can't assume someone won't take something very seriously that's supposed to be just a little tongue-in-cheek. I can't assume someone isn't paying attention to my every move. I can't assume someone is paying attention to anything I do.

It often feels impossible to draw the line between being "generous with your thoughts and feelings" and being "narcissistic, impulsive and needy" when using social media. It's just as challenging for me to draw the line between what should be kept private. As a writer, performer and artist, I celebrate my ability to be emotionally explicit while being funny. I strive to do this without making the emotion a cliched punchline. Celebrating what's emotionally explicit, however, doesn't mean that every feeling and every thought I have is worth sharing. I discard most things I write but I share a lot of things not worth sharing.

It feels to me like a bit of a loss that I am going to consider if something is worth sharing with the world. Especially if one reason for needing to take this into consideration is to protect myself. I want to do something useful in my life time through comedy, through art and even through IRL interactions. I want to reach out to people and I want to do that by sharing my own experiences with them. I am a story teller, it's what I've done my whole life. I'm keeping up all the Tweets for who ever wants to read them. I think they are really sweet and funny. I'm a little embarrassed about my reaction after I got dumped and that I took to Twitter to react but I'm leaving all that garbage up too.

I have anxiety about posting this, just like I had anxiety performing on Monday. My main concern is that I'll scare away guys away and they'll be worried I'm an angry person who will talk trash about them on stage. I want to stress that this was not a revenge performance. I think that comes across. I'm not sorry for doing it, I'm not sorry for tweeting all those things that had me giggling and walking on a cloud. I'm not even sorry for attempting to make chicken wraps for him, even though I burnt my hands.

I'm keeping my heart on my sleeve. Maybe I won't tell someone I'm dating that I have videos on YouTube. I'm starting to suffer from fatigue of men becoming infatuated with an online persona. They grow disillusioned with that same online persona. I am a human being. Give me a chance as a human being. Maybe those kind of guys aren't worth it anyway. But then again, maybe a false last name is my key to happiness.

Take Care my sweet angels

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doored 10

I swear, when I figure out my new camera, I'll upload some HDD vids of these latest performers. Until, check this out:

I'm on "first" (at the 43 minute mark)