Thursday, August 14, 2014

Round Table Residency

I created this space, New LaPierre Office, to be a work environment for me to watch the hit Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black. The task of watching Orange Is The New Black became a priority to be better able to relate with people as it is a popular show that many people have watched. The space's priority of engaging with people is the purpose of the free Purell, free chips and of course free water from the water cooler.

New LaPierre Office is a set influenced by business office aesthetics to both pay tribute to the late 90s' idea of talking about a television show at work the day after it aired and to serve me as a reminder that I am watching Orange Is The New Black not for my own enjoyment but rather as a task. That isn't to imply that I didn't enjoy watching the series just that I needed to take the task seriously and complete it on schedule.

Through watching the series and discussing it with others I have been given the opportunity to do some self reflecting. I have become more critical of my viewing habits and have come to the realisation of just how rewarding it is to watch a show that doesn't immediately appeal to me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PHOTO OP: Welcome Back Neil

I got a welcome back from The New LaPierre Office after my 3 day hiatus. The event was photographed by Jesi The Elder.

photo by Jesi The Elder
I performed at Doored 16 and had a job interview and had a nice break but it's good to be back. At the Welcome Back Celebration, I ate some chips and used Purell to clean my hands.It was a nice treat.

Photo By Jesi The Elder
photo by Jesi The Elder

Please make an appointment to come to The New LaPierre Office and discuss Orange Is The New Black. I can be reached at

All The Best

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The New LaPierre Office will be closed for three days. Please remember to e-mail concerns to Neil at . The New LaPierre will re-open on Wednesday July 30th.

I Hate People by Neil LaPierre

Been great talking to everyone! I look forward to future discussions.

All The Best
Neil LaPierre

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome To The New LaPierre Office

N. LaPierre Office Studio has a new five week pop up Yorkville location.

I have been watching Orange Is The New Black and I'd love to talk about it with you. E-mail me to book an appointment at . I have chips.

The space is part of a residency program I am in at the Dragon Academy. Check out info about the artist here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I Am Evil

I Am Evil by Brand Neil on GoAnimate

I made this after watching two horror movies.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up is a lithograph that I made while getting my BFA at NSCAD in the fall of 2009. It's gotten me a lot of negative and positive attention.

The print shows a naked woman who has large sunny side up eggs for breast serving breakfast to a man who is celebrating. It's inspired by an attempt to connect with straight men.

This is in my write up on the piece for 2010 Y Level show:
...I can't relate to the excitement of seeing a pretty lady walk down the street all sexy. I can, like any good meat and potatoes boy, relate to the similar level of enthusiasm that is held by talking about a traditional breakfast...
In short, the piece is about my attempt to not feel alienated. I related to the way some straight men talk about random women passing by to the way some straight men talk about breakfast.

I believe that generally people don't know that I'm gay when they meet me. I'm not comfortable with strangers knowing I'm gay (I'm ashamed of my discomfort). I don't disclose that I'm gay in most settings. As a result I often find straight men talking about women to me.

The piece uses a female figure turned into food that serves itself to a man. It's more problematic than my work usually is. It's not ironic and it's not an undergrad level attempt of having my voice heard in discussions on feminism. The piece is about me as a breakfast loving non-heterosexual. Although it may come across as an impersonal one-liner, Sunny Side Up is Neil LaPierre. I'm proud of the piece for that reason.

But I am ashamed of isolating the female figure on promo for a show and on my business cards.

I think the image is startling and funny. I wanted it to be bold but I didn't set out to create clip art. When I used the image this way in 2010 I know that I lost credibility for any defence of the print I previously had. It was a desperate attempt to get noticed that I regret.

You can't have your eggs and eat them too. Especially in Halifax where it's illegal* to serve them sunny side up.

* I was told there was a no sunny side up eggs bylaw in Halifax. I was also told this is untrue BUT in my three years in the HRM I was served over easy eggs after ordering them sunny side up every time.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last Friday, I went to the TorontoDance Theatre program, On Display. It runs until this Saturday, May 31. If you haven't seen it, go.

I loved most of the ten short dance pieces in the show, but after leaving, only one stuck in my head. The Interior Is Painted Black performed by Brodie Stevenson with Choreography by Brendan Healy. It was beautiful, sublime and the most upsetting thing I've seen in a long time. This upsetting aspect of it was without a doubt the spoken word first half which was sampled text from Dennis Cooper.

ripped from someone's FB page that came up in Google image search.
I assume that's Brodie Stevenson from The Interior Was Black, 2014. 

In this text two male strangers are about to get intimate when one decides he's going to kill the other one. It made me feel sick. I love horror. A handful of my own performances deal with murder. So why would I get so upset by this performance?

It's not a moral line and it is completely based on personal taste. That was all I figured out.

I have made up an extensive explanation ( i.e. excuses) of why I did not enjoy The Interior Is Painted Black while I have killed a clone of myself and a hologram on stage at Double Double Land before. I won't share these excuses, because that would be needlessly defensive/ boring. At some point, I do want to share where I draw the line and the reasons why but for now, who cares?

I applaud Brendan Healy and Brodie Stevenson on their bold performance. I instantly came around from disliking it, to being so grateful I saw it.  I have a few of examples from being a gay man where I've been terrified for my safety from other men (mostly from when I was about 19) but I never talk about it. It's refreshing to see something that tackles this kind of subject matter. I know countless examples exist (such as the actual source material) but it's rarely right in front me.

Last week, I wanted to love the second half and forget the first half. Now, I love it as a whole. It was a piece that will stick with me and that is not easy to accomplish within a seven minute window. I have a better understanding of my own boundaries as a performer. And I believe that only leads to better performances.