Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby's Night At Turth Be Told

Younger Than Beyonce's first art event, Truth Be Told, is tomorrow, June 11th, at The Review Cinema. I'm extremely excited and truth be told, for the first time in a while I'm nervous about performing. I'm doing a long set that I wrote two years ago. It's called Baby's Night and it is one of my most personal pieces.

Baby's Night 1/2 (one half) is a colesnotes version of Neil LaPierre's one man show, Baby's Night. A travelling salesman (a persona of LaPierre) projects himself onto a baby he finds while also projecting his friends, co-workers and past lovers onto the baby's Tickle-Me-Elmo. The piece is heart-breaking yet funny.

There are five other artists who happen to be younger than Beyonce and I can't wait to see what these babies do! You can check out there websites below.

Sharlene Bamboat
Jessica Kichoncho Karuhanga
Alvis Parsley
Christopher Lacroix & afallenhorse
Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Anyway, I was going through some memos I had on my BlackBerry Curve when I wrote the piece and stumbled across a part I completely forgot about:
All that work. All that work for nothing. I'd never be able to get my brochures in order before the convention. That was a sign. Not to put it all on the table. Not to put anything on the table. That is why I stopped. And I grew to resent him

It's a fictional scenario and it's not about a particular person. But it was based on real feelings. It also, eerily marks a point in my life where, unconsciously, I became withheld and stopped putting my feelings and concerns on the table on a day-to-day basis. Part of it might be growing up but who really actually ever grows up?

This might seem like a bummer. It's not though! Going through this work, remembering these feelings and realising that, yes, they were and still are legitimate feelings but they passed. Not because I handled them particularly well, or because I'm a strong person (I am one tough cookie though) but it's because my life kept going. New things happened. New things keep happening. I met new people, experienced new pain, got given new opportunities. So I'm reminded of this one important thing, the entire message of Baby's Night: It's okay that it's not okay!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Fight For Love

One of my worst traits is my inability to handle heartbreak. That's why so much of what I write revolves around men and relationships and that's why after getting dumped the only thing productive I could do was write something like this. I was at a very low point when I wrote this piece. I was single, unemployed and depressed. I had so many amazing things going on in my life but it was impossible for me to acknowledge any of them.

Photo by Yuula Benivolski courtesy of Doored

I think my biggest criticism of the piece is it makes me look very angry, which is something I do well on the stage. In reality, I was just sad and filled with self doubt. I felt like an idoit.

On the plus side though, I brought more energy to the stage than I ever had before. And come on guys! Hula-hooping in a sports coat while holding a wired mic and saying my lines is pretty impressive.

Although it is an angry piece and it's not particularly optimistic, I hope that my romantic ideals and hope shine through. The piece was performed at TH&B United's closing ceremony as well as Doored 19 (as documented bellow)

After a failed surprise wedding, Love Crusader Neil LaPierre must navigate a life of being single and being cheated out Pogs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Only The Best Garbage For My Baby

My gif, Only The Best Garbage For My Baby, is part of the Whippersnapper Gallery's Sidewalk Screening.

The show takes place at Whippersnapper Gallery starting Februrary 5th through the 15th, but there is a launch party 8pm tonight (Feb. 4) at The Drake where all the gifs will be on display.

info taken from the show's website:
SIDEWALKSCREENING.GIF FEATURES: Morris Fox, Neil LaPierre, Teresa Tam, Steven Cottingham, Cat Bluemke, Adrienne Crossman, Coey Kerr, Lowell Smith, Miles Forrester, Benjamin Edelberg, Colby Jones, Cale Weir, Sam Roberts, Jess Mac, Will Kasurak, Jessalyn Carey, Jeremy Pavka & Karly Mortimer.

Sidewalk Screening is Curated by Mohammad Rezaei, Iain Soder, Josh Vettivelu and Jonathan Carroll

Thursday, December 11, 2014

She'll Never Know: Definitive Playlist for 2014

Could I just have 6 minutes of your time? Here are the 12 shorts of She'll Never Know. Each one is under 30 seconds, deeply personal and accurate to my feelings about relationships I've been in. I hope they don't seem like a punch line of a garbage can desperately in love with an attractive "anime" stock cartoon. The robotic voices are both all I have the means to use with the program I made these in and I think lend an effective detached quality that accurately represents my own tension and inability to speak intuitively about heartbreak. In case you were wondering, I am the garbage can, although I do relate to the stock anime character occasionally.

Bonus: my first video with Ivy. Notice the different voice. I Brought You Something by Brand Neil on GoAnimate

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bathtub Bran Launch Party

This is my set at Raw Space in Toronto for Bathrub Bran's Season 2 Launch Party. It was dubbed as fantasy comedy, a description I will from this point forward, champion!

filmed by Daniel Goodbaum

You can also check out the version of the set I did for Doored 15

filmed by Sarah D'Angelo

Currently I'm working on my set for Doored 18. Hard to believe that I've done 17 already. But with that many under my belt, it's nice to have that much material to grab from when I'm asked to do a special event like this. It was an honour to be a part of this launch party. I love Bathtub Bran. The Toronto dance community is filled with amazing people. It was great to meet a few more the other night!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Round Table Residency

I created this space, New LaPierre Office, to be a work environment for me to watch the hit Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black. The task of watching Orange Is The New Black became a priority to be better able to relate with people as it is a popular show that many people have watched. The space's priority of engaging with people is the purpose of the free Purell, free chips and of course free water from the water cooler.

New LaPierre Office is a set influenced by business office aesthetics to both pay tribute to the late 90s' idea of talking about a television show at work the day after it aired and to serve me as a reminder that I am watching Orange Is The New Black not for my own enjoyment but rather as a task. That isn't to imply that I didn't enjoy watching the series just that I needed to take the task seriously and complete it on schedule.

Through watching the series and discussing it with others I have been given the opportunity to do some self reflecting. I have become more critical of my viewing habits and have come to the realisation of just how rewarding it is to watch a show that doesn't immediately appeal to me.